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7 Rooms
The Marble Hall
  • Floor Space 293 sq/m
  • Capacity 150 dinner/dance, 200 theatre style

The Marble Hall is an impressive and adaptable area on the first floor of City Hall. Lined by columns of Sienna marble and decorated with ornate stained glass windows, the room displays many items from City Hall’s extensive art collection.

Syndicate Rooms
  • Floor Space 29 sq m - 109 sq m
  • Capacity 12 boardroom, 100 theatre style,

The syndicate rooms are perfect for meetings and seminars, as break-out rooms from a larger conference or as officials’ offices for a larger event.

Assembly Room
  • Floor Space 539 sq m
  • Capacity 300 classroom, 600 theatre style

The richly-decorated ceiling provides a delightful canopy for all types of events, but belies the fact that the Assembly Room can also host the most hi-tech presentations.

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall provides an impressive welcome to visitors, with reception desk, comfortable seating areas and two sweeping staircases leading up to the Marble Hall.

Ferrier Hall
  • Floor Space 144 sq m
  • Capacity 200 theatre style, 60 boardroom

The Ferrier Hall is a bright and flexible functions space on the first floor of City Hall, which was named after a former Lord Mayor of Cardiff. It enjoys its own visitor access and kitchen and can thus be used as a stand-alone venue within City Hall.

Lower Hall
  • Floor Space 595 sq m
  • Capacity 400 theatre style, 200 classroom

Located on the ground floor, the Lower Hall enjoys excellent access from the main Entrance Hall. The room is given structure by a series of elegant pillars, yet offers a flexible space for a variety of occasions.

Council Chamber
  • Floor Space 539 sq/m
  • Capacity Fixed arena seating for 94 guests and additional seating for 50 in the public gallery.

The Council Chamber lies directly below the grand dome of City Hall, providing a majestic environment with stunning stained glass windows, carved oak panelling and marble pillars.